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Welcome to RuffSack

With four sides, a top and bottom - RuffSackâ„¢ secures and protects your cargo from the elements without permanently filling your truck bed. Protection when you need it, space when you don't. RuffSack completely encloses your cargo, giving you better protection than any tarp without any of the hassle. Easy, fast, dry- RuffSack.



  • Heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene keeps cargo out of the elements.
  • Heat sealed seams to keep moisture out.
  • Keeps small or light cargo in your truck bed.
  • Installs quickly and easily into your truck bed.
  • Super duty zipper opens on three sides so you can easily load and unload cargo.
  • Infused with UV resistant coating for lasting performance in the sun.
  • Heavy duty zipper with locking loops to help stay zipped at 100mph
  • Folds & stows under your seat.
  • Designed to fit any 6' truck bed, including compact trucks.